Description Of Work: I used my special toward several services, both in 2 rental houses and in my own home. I will be using them in the future. Professional and good quality work as well as about 60 years of experience between the two of them.

Comments: See above.
Kathy Z
Feb 29, 2016

Description Of Work: Doug came in one day to do an evaluation and make an estimate. He sent Steve in the following week (due to my schedule) to install a 220 plug for a clothes dryer. He was fast, professional, and friendly.
Judging by what I witnessed, he must have performed the task thousands of times in the past. He knew exactly what he was doing, and it was executed exceptionally. I was even able to talk to him about another few potential jobs in the house that I need to have done in the future. I’ll definitely use Enchanted Services again, when the time comes

Comments: See above.
James L
Feb 23, 2016

Description Of Work: Changed two broken ceiling fixtures on 13 ft. ceiling.

Comments:On time. Excellent communication before project date. All provider aspects of the transaction were handled flawlessly, courteously, and professionally. They will be doing another project for me in the future.
Steve P.
January 26, 2016

Description Of Work: Steve fixed our door bell. He changed two light fixtures on our front porch. He also fixed a light fixture on our back porch.

Comments: Steve did a great job. He was very professional, nice and helpful.
Chinska W
Jan 22, 2016

Description Of Work: Repaired and upgraded two wall socket assemblies, solved problem of one socket shorting out (tripping GFI), removed corrosion from problem ceiling light fixture. We got good advice about some other upgrades we are considering.

Comments: Very courteous and professional. Knew his business. They need more electricians but are unable to hire qualified people so far. This is why we had to wait about a month.
Lynne B
January 18, 2016

Description Of Work: Steven arrived promptly on time. He was very polite, professional, knowledgeable and made the repairs quickly. I would highly recommend Steven to anyone!

Comments: See above
Charles N
Jan 15, 2016

Description Of Work: Fixed 3 broken light switches and replaced several wall sockets.

Comments:THIS COMPANY IS AWESOME. Steve worked tirelessly for the entire 2 hours. He was extremely competent and knowledgeable and had everything that was needed to take care of my most urgent concerns. I was VERY PLEASED and will definitely use Enchanted Services again. They are well-deserved of their A+ rating …
Cindy O
Jan 13, 2016

Description Of Work: changed light fixtures and replaced some fixtures

Comments: Excellent, Steve was prompt and productive . thank you!
Mark L
Jan 4, 2016

Description Of Work: We called them to troubleshoot some recessed lighting that was flickering. They made recommendations over the phone for us to try before they even came. By the time they arrived, we had tried their solutions and it worked but we still wanted them to check the lights. We then had them fix several 3-way light switches that did not function properly and install a bathroom light fixture. They were prompt, arriving exactly when they said they would. They were friendly, knowledgeable and clean.

Comments: See above
Laurel D
Nov 24, 2015

Description Of Work: Install four LED light cans

Comments: Very professional.
Christine C
October 03, 2015

Description Of Work: special of $79 for 2 hrs of electrician time. Had provider put in new electrical outlet on outdoor patio and check a non-functioning ceiling fan light. Pleased with work performed. Outlet work completed successfully and troubleshooting performed on ceiling fan, but unable to fix at time.

Comments: See above
Jim L
July 27, 2015

Description Of Work: The electrician connected two ceiling fans.

Comments: The electrician was on time, did an excellent job, and removed the old fans upon completion. I would highly recommend, and have recommended this company to friends.
Donald N
July 23, 2015

Description Of Work: Replaced 4 outdoor light fixtures and installed a new electrical outlet.

Comments: This service was provided under a “Big Deal” purchase–2 hours for $79. I certainly feel I got my money’s worth. The provider was exceptionally service-oriented. He contacted me immediately after I purchased the deal to see if I was ready to schedule. I was not because I was awaiting delivery of the new outdoor fixtures. He explained that he would be unavailable during certain upcoming dates, which was fine with me as I was not in a hurry. We agreed he would call me again after his return, which he did exactly as promised. On the date of service, the technician was delayed about 1/2 hour; he called to let me know of the delay. Upon arrival, he proceeded to tackle the tasks effciently. He was finished well within the time allotted, did a good job, cleaned up after himself, and was very friendly and professional. I would absolutely use this service provider again and would not hesitate to recommend him to others.
Carolyn A
July 16, 2015

Description Of Work: Replaced shorted exposed wires and rewired the swamp cooler. Corrected incorrect wiring.

Comments: Great. He brought the parts. The coupon was $89 and $55 for the parts. He came at 1 pm. My daughter had scheduled him for the morning.
layli f M
June 14, 2015

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