Description Of Work: Rewired and installed new smoke alarms which we purchased. My husband will have to install the last one due to a missing part in one of the boxes. Steve said my husband could call him for help if needed. Steve was very nice. We were very happy with him.

Comments: Great
Sandy M
June 12, 2015

Description Of Work:Misc. electrical work

Comments:Bought a Big Deal for $79 for 2 hours of electrical work.
Doug called a day or so after I purchased the deal and asked what we needed to have done, and scheduled a time for Steve to come to our house to complete the work. I had to cancel my original appointment and reschedule and Doug was very understating and accommodating.

Steve showed up today on time (almost, had the wrong house number and was down the street a ways for a few minutes before realizing it, ha ha!) and wasted no time getting to work.In the 2 short hours he was there, he managed to replace 2 exterior light fixtures, 1 interior light fixture, 2 switches, and take out a crappy, burned out timer switch and replace it with just a standard light switch. ALL that for only $79!!! That’s the best deal I’ve received from a contractor in a LOOOOONG time!

Couldn’t be happier with the work Steve did. He was professional, courteous, worked the entire time he was there, and didn’t leave a giant mess behind him when he left. Very pleased with Enchanted Services LLC and will definitely be having them come back out to do more work around our house in the near future!
Matt R
June 10, 2015

Description Of Work: take out old electrical plugs (7) and also replace 3 light switches and replace all with new switch plates.

Comments: In one word, Excellent.
Kent G
June 09, 2015

Description Of Work: Installation of a ceiling fan

Comments: Very nice. good job. Arrived on time. Would have liked more communication between the person that reviewed and set up the Job and the person doing the work. Electrician arrived but was not completely informed on the job to be done. Got straitened out was was done in a timely manner. Overall was a very good experience.
Mark M
May 09, 2015

Description Of Work: Checked out a Breaker Switch, replaced a dimmer switch, replaced a closet light.

Comments: Very professional, quick to respond to questions either by phone or email. Will recommend this company to my family and friends.
benny c
March 30, 2015

Description Of Work: He replaced a ceiling fan and an outdoor electrical socket as part of a deal that we had purchased.

Comments: Everything went very well. The electrician arrived on time, responded quickly to my call, and did a great job. I’d definitely hire him again.
Marilyn A
March 13, 2015

Description Of Work: I purchased a deal for 2 hours of an electrician for $79. The usual rate is $99/hour so I was already way ahead with the price. Steve called ahead and arrived promptly. I needed to have a dimmer switch replaced with a normal switch in the family room and I needed the doorbell to work and to check the high pitched noise coming from the security system transformer.

Comments: Steve was terrific. He explained everything and fixed everything. The doorbell did not work because the last electrician who was here installed a plug near the doorbell transformer and disconnected the wire to the doorbell transformer 🙂 Go figure. Steve reconnected all the wires and now the doorbell works great. Steve replaced the dimmer switch and unplugged the security system plugs a few times and seemed to get that to stop the high pitched noise. I really appreciated the fact that he was such a great troubleshooter, did exactly what needed to be done, explained everything to me and showed me how everything worked, and did everything for the agreed upon price. I would definitely use this company again.
Pamela A P
March 04, 2015

Description Of Work: Enchantment Services installed a motion light over my garage.

Comments: This motion light was an Angie’s List special. Enchantment Services contacted me right away and did a great job of installing the light. They were careful to assure that it pointed where I wanted it to. I am very pleased with it and I would use this company again.
Fran W
January 23, 2015

Description Of Work: Installed two ceiling fans, and fixed another ceiling fan with the proper mounting brackets.

Comments: I was contacted promptly and was very pleased when an appointment was scheduled for the following work day (Monday). Upon reviewing the work that was needed, the work was scheduled around my work schedule. Steve did a wonderful job of replacing the fans with no issues, and was very pleasant as well.
I highly recommend them to others, and will rely on them for future electrical needs.
Mary G
January 22, 2015

Description Of Work: Installed two new ceiling fans in my home

Comments: Steve called me ahead of time informing me who he is. He was very polite. He also wanted to know if Home Depot had sent me a me an e-mail message about him coming to my house to install two ceiling fans. Home Depot did not contact me via e-mail. I do not know if I have left my e-mail address with Home Depot when ceiling fans were purchased.

Steve remove both of the old ceilings fans to be discarded. He make sure the new ceiling fans can be installed properly meeting all the codes. He surely is an expert ceiling fan installer. He had the right tools for the work and he was not a messy person. He respected our clean home.

He made me feel at ease and I trusted his expertise and work.
Patrick A
May 13, 2014

Description Of Work:One wall outlet, six LED can lights in master bath, three new light fixtures over three sinks, one LED light over utility sink, three fluorescent T8 fixtures in garage.

Comments:Our installer, Steve, was very thorough. He pointed out a better way to do the lights in the garage and the wall outlet.
We went with can lights in the master bath, and they came out perfectly.
Steve was able to do the lights over the sinks without additional drywall cuts to run electrical cable.
I was amazed at that.
I’ll be using Mr. Electric in the future for other work I have.
Price included inspection fee by county.
John H
April 08, 2014

Description Of Work: Installed ceiling fans in two rooms that had never been wired for lighting. Also did expert trouble shooting on universal remotes.

Comments: Final result great
Judy C
April 03, 2014

Description Of Work: Pigtailed some aluminum wired outlets and installed a light fixture.

Comments: I was contacted promptly and an appointment was set. Steve came out at the agreed upon time. He took care of fixing my electrical outlets and installed a light fixture as I had requested. He discussed some other items that I might want done in the future and agreed to get back to me with quotes on those items. He was friendly, helpful. I enjoyed meeting him and I felt confident that the work was done correctly. I would definitely use them again. In fact I’m pretty sure I will be contacting them in the near future.
December 15, 2015

Description Of Work: I accepted a “Big Deal” offer from Angie’s List for 2 hours of electrician work.

Comments: Steve was two hours late for my appointment (medical cause), but I didn’t mind the delay. Doug (his boss) called and told me there would be a delay, then called again to say Steve was on his way. Good marks for follow-up and not leaving me hanging. Steve arrived and introduced himself, was very careful with his tools with regard to our wood floors. I showed him where we wanted two ceiling lights (recessed cans) placed. He got right to work. Placed a tarp on the floor to catch the plaster dust. Put both lights exactly where we wanted them. The work was difficult because he had to drill through 3 floor joists for each light. Steve also removed and replaced a ceiling fan during the installation process. He carried on a conversation with me the entire time while he worked… truly a nice guy with interesting stories. The work took just about 2 hours. The can lights work well. Steve cleaned up the area and left everything just as it was when he arrived. Overall, this was an extremely pleasant experience (both cost-wise and quality of work / worker wise). I can highly recommend this company with its experienced and caring workers! Thanks, Angie, let’s do it again!
Robert P
November 25, 2015

Description Of Work: Installed an outlet over stove for a microwave oven.

Comments: The service went very well. Steve answered all my questions – even questions about other work I may have done in the future. He also educated me along the way about electrical service in houses and how to correctly do minor work myself.
I was very happy with the work and with the professional manner in which it was delivered and would definitely use Enchantment again.
Christee K
November 25, 2015