Electrical Services Albuquerque NM

Enchanted Services will hookup all of your kitchen appliances, install under-cabinet, recessed, track lighting, wall sconces, ceiling fans and lights. We can also install and design landscape lighting, security and holiday lighting for the outside. The lighting can be controlled by motion detectors, photocells or time clocks. Enchanted Services can provide Arc Fault, GFI and Surge Suppression for the entire house. We can install a back-up generator for when PNM goes out.

Enchanted Services can install circuits for computers, air conditioners, central vacuum systems, that new TV or even an electric car charger. We install new breaker boxes or upgrade your old one to a bigger one. Enchanted Services installs ceiling fans, base board heaters, as well as bathroom, laundry room and whole house exhaust fans. We install phone jacks, cable jacks and even satellite dish jacks. Enchanted Services can install a new door bell, a thermostat, or a wired network for your home or office computer system.

Enchanted Services is also great at troubleshooting any of your electrical problems. We also have a couple of ways for you to be more energy efficient. If you have refrigerated air conditioning, we can reduce the amount of electricity you use for it by up to 30%. We also offer power monitoring and conditioning.

And in addition to all of this, Enchanted Services offers commercial services too. We can design and install lighting efficiency upgrades as well as the standard dedicated circuits.